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Rob Mannix, Editor, Asset Management, RISK.NET


Erik Vynckier, Board member, FORESTERS FRIENDLY SOCIETY

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Raj Singh, Group Chief Risk Officer, STANDARD LIFE

9:40am REGULATORY KEYNOTE ADDRESS: What will the future hold? The European insurance industry in times of major disruption


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10:10am CIO PANEL DISCUSSION:Changing investment strategies

  • How has the current liquidity and capital constrained environment impacted your appetite towards non-traditional and traditional assets?
  • Investing in growth assets in a capital constrained world
  • Which factors are likely to have the biggest influence on your asset allocation?
  • Now that SII numbers are published with the local regulator, how are insurers changing their asset allocation across share/policy holder assets, & why?
  • How do you risk-manage foreign investments?
  • How much real discretion can an insurance manager hand over to the portfolio manager?

Moderator: Russell Büsst, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, CONNING
Samu Anttila,
Chief Investment Officer, LOCALTAPIOLA LIFE

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10:55am PRESENTATION: Using factor investing strategies to drive returns

  • Examining successful implementation of factor strategies within an insurance companies portfolio
  • What's driving the interest in these strategies? What are ‘factors' in theory and reality vs in practice?
  • Beyond equities: Increasing development of factor funds within fixed income

11:25am Morning break and opportunity to network








LIVE INTERVIEW: Geopolitical risk

  • How to reflect the increased economic and political uncertainty caused by Brexit in your risk - based capital models? I.e are you holding more capital?
  • What is the future of passporting under Brexit?
  • The future of SII in the U.K- If the U.K. goes for a hard Brexit, will its insurance regime have an equivalence with EU's Solvency II regime?
  • Will the U.S.Trump presidency cause a systemic event? What are the risks?

LIVE INTERVIEW: Outsourcing vs insourcing asset management

  • Choosing the investment management strategy for your firm:
    • in-house, captive (insurer-owned asset manager)
    • outsourced (one or multiple)
    • mixed models: core-satellite, core-satellite-specialties (as per asset class)
    • in-house strategic/tactical asset allocation and outsourced investment management mandates
    • outsourced CIO
  • What are the special requirements of insurers on investment management?
  • Is there a cost- or scale-driven angle or asset class angle when deciding? Which size of balance sheet presents the tipping point?

5 minute intermission to change streams


PRESENTATION: Longevity risk

  • How has solvency II regulation affected the longevity transfer market?
  • How do we get individuals to value longevity risk protection?
  • How easy is it to unwind a longevity swap if you subsequently want to carry out a full buy-out?

PRESENTATION: The rise of multi-asset funds

  • How does an absolute return or multi-asset fund fit in with the typical ALM/LDI requirements of a life company?
  • Modelling risks for multi-assets funds

1:15pm Lunch and opportunity to network


CRO PANEL DISCUSSION: Surviving in an era of change and upheaval

  • What is the biggest regulatory challenge? Is excessively growing regulation a risk? Is regulation stifling innovation or is it a necessary check?
  • Which of the current and emerging risks- regulatory risk, geopolitical risk, liquidity and systemic risk are of most concerns to CROs? How do you set up your risk spetite to meet market risk?
  • Low interest hitting liabilities valuation, risk margin, cost of guarantees and SCR- are legacy and new business' profitable under these conditions?
  • Are firms preparing for the threat of large scale, data-driven "Google financial services" or "Amazon financial services" and their impact on the current insurance business model?

Simon Gadd, Group Chief Risk Officer, LEGAL & GENERAL
Lukas Ziewer, Chief Risk Officer EMEA, METLIFE

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PRESENTATION: Value & capital management under Solvency II- Optimizing the balance sheet

  • Optimising ALM portfolio under metrics
  • What are the tools and capabilities needed to enable effective dividend generation, capital allocation and value management?
  • Capital optimisation, stability and growth under Solvency II
  • How do firms capture diversification benefits?

3:30pm Afternoon break and networking break

4:00pm REGULATORY PANEL DISCUSSION: Reviewing SII - post-implementation and reporting

  • What are your expectations of insurers in terms of SCR levels i.e. above 100%? Can an insurer's SCR cover ratio be too high? How does an insurer cope with variability of the SCR, outside its own control - max SCR is more than twice min SCR?
  • SII balance sheets are highly pro cyclical, and this is the main driver of forced sale liquidity risk, so how can an ICS that starts from SII be a solution?
  • Do you believe SII has led to European insurers being more competitive or less competitive on the world stage? Has Solvency II created a level playing ground?
  • Has Solvency II produced regulatory convergence?

Inna Aaltonen, Head of Insurance Solvency & Supervisory Reporting, FINANCE FINLAND
Annette Olesen, Advisor to CEO, NORDEA LIFE & PENSIONS

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4:45pm ALL-STAR PANEL: Maximizing operational risk efficiency

  • How do you effectively identify, assess, measure and manage operational risk events
  • Use of GRC tools and techniques to inform operational risk management
  • How to use your GRC tool across various business lines
  • The benefits of customising your risk register or taxonomy

Michael Bartholomeusz, Former Chief Risk Officer, Formerly FLOOD RE and Deputy Chair, ORIC INTERNATIONAL
Simon Cartlidge, Head of Operational Risk Governance, LEGAL & GENERAL
Chris Allen, Head of non-financial risks, WESLEYAN
David Phan Dinh, Head of Operational Risk, ROTHESAY LIFE


Erik Vynckier, Board member, FORESTERS FRIENDLY SOCIETY

5:35pm End of conference and networking drinks